The Internet is a place for exploration, discovery, and communication but it can also be a dangerous place for students.  By advising your students to abide by these guidelines you will be helping to protect them from the dangers that lurk on the Internet.


  1. Conduct an introductory lesson on proper Internet usage make sure students are aware of the dangers: cyber bulling, predators, and offering personal information.
  2. Students need to report any inappropriate Internet behavior, images, or usage to an instructor.  
  3. Teachers must monitor students Internet activity, by actively monitoring the room and assuring that students are staying on task.
  4. If students are developing social sites, videos, or websites for classroom purposes make sure that they make these sites PRIVATE and not for public viewing.
  5. Students should not download files to school computers from the Internet.
  6. Students should not share or try to break others passwords.