Part One: 
In this course I have gained an abundance of knowledge in really how to integrate and effectively use technology in curriculum. I’ve learned this type of material before but never applied in this manner.  I feel that I can truly use the information learned in this course in an actual or virtual classroom. I truly wish I would of have this knowledge and skill back when I was in the classroom I would of been able to enhance so many kiddos learning experience. 
Any time I get the opportunity to incorporate and apply a history lesson/activity into what we are leaning I’m extremely excited. I sincerely enjoy creating lesson/ activities / curriculum using technology it opens a entire new and exciting world on how to teach history.  I just hope one day that I’ll be able to utilize and implement what I’ve learned in a creative and exciting way. 

Part Two:

Honestly, my blogging efforts where not great this course.  I believe I had way too much on my plate this term between a toddler and 5 month old, starting a new business, and traveling (internet difficulties) I was searching for time just to complete my assignments.  As, and educator I’m terribly disappointed in myself and know I have no excuses to not always completing my blog assignment, but there just were not enough hours in the day this term for me.  

But, one of my favorite blogs was the video blog. I think that is such a great way to get out student out from behind the key board- show themselves and communicate their thoughts verbally.  I think this would be a very effective blog tool in any learning environment.

Overall, Great course I gained a tremendous amount of know how and just wish I could of personally done a better job. 

Thank you.